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Presentations that inspire and change mindsets

Sometimes, you need an external viewpoint to help sow the seeds of creative innovation in your team, organisation or at your event.

  • Sometimes you need to be inspired, sometimes you need a mindset shift
  • It’s about seeing the potential, and bringing your organisation on that journey
  • External voice to bring clarity to the internal culture
  • See the future in impact with a speaking engagement

Sharing ideas about solutions to problems affecting society changes mindsets, inspires a sense of possibility and produces better answers for all.  We are passionate about sharing our ideas and what we’ve learned to inspire others and enable them to look differently at the world and the opportunities they have to shape it. 

It is an exciting time to be alive.  There are many issues in the world – and we have the means to solve them.  The choices we make today matter a great deal for the future.  If we choose to tackle some of the biggest challenges: poverty alleviation, sustainable production, food security, disease prevention, conflict, require us to move and function in new and novel ways.

We provide inspiration and change mindsets through speaking engagements that bring a different conception of what’s possible and open up th world of social innovation and investment and the change it is enabling to new audiences.  Rosemary Addis, Executive Director at Impact Strategist, has a unique perspective on the global challenges, the trends and possibilities and how a new wave of innovation, entrepreneurship and the (impact) investment to support it is opening more opportunities to ignite and create positive change – and putting more power and choices in all of our hands to influence change.  Rosemary dares audiences to imagine that we can use our best talents and resources to shape a better world, doing good and doing well.

Rosemary shares inspiration and insights gained from her experience in the field to bring to life the potential of new solutions to tackling some of the toughest issues affecting society from poverty and exclusion to environmental sustainability.  Her pioneering work strategising approaches that go beyond traditional binary notions of social and economic, public and private has earned her a reputation as one of the world’s leading innovators and ‘go to’ leaders bridging the public, private and social sectors to lead long term change.

When we share our knowledge and ideas, we enable others and lose nothing.  Through webinar platforms and other media,  Rosemary shares her insights about what it takes to deliver real change for the long haul drawing on practical experience She inspires audiences about the possibility of change and shares very practical lessons of what makes up the alchemy and toolkit to translate that possibility to action and outcomes.  Impact Strategist also draws on our networks to share the learning of others with you.

Rosemary has been a guest speaker at events and forums from the launch of the international policy collaborative in Brazil to the Social Innovation Summit in Hong Kong,  World Economic Forum regional summit in Panama to the impact investing colloquium in Oxford, Social Innovation forum in South Korea, the Canadian Social Finance Forum at MaRS Discovery Centre Toronto, to the Impact Forum in Singapore, launch of the global Snapshot report at Rockefeller Foundation in NY, at Expo in Milan, and the Social Innovation Forum at the Carlos Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal, as well as reaching senior business, industry and community audiences across Australia.  She has moderated and presented webinars with leaders from around the world to inspire and share her learning and build the toolbox for others to create impact.

“Social innovation is rising to the top of the international agenda.

The diffusion of proven models and policy experimentation across the globe is accelerating… There is tremendous global interest among policy-makers at the highest levels to better understand social innovation and how it can be nurtured from a policy perspective.”

Hilde Schwab, Chair and Co-founder, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Breaking the Binary: Policy guide to scaling social innovation, World Economic Forum, Schwab Foundation, InSight at PCV & Harvard Initiative for Responsible Investment 2013