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Our Approach

The team at Impact Strategist believes that big breakthroughs don’t happen overnight.

  • Pioneers with the clear vision, unique experience and networks to tackle problems differently
  • Integrity, Excellence, Reliability
  • We build trusted relationships and go the long haul
  • When it’s about the longer term future that’s more effective, efficient, just and sustainable, we’re you’re partner

We understand sustainable progress on solving some of the toughest social issues can’t be achieved by doing things the same way.  There are no silver bullets.  A different approach to problem solving is needed. 

Impact Strategist excels in strategies and insight that combine vision and pragmatism, rigour and flexibility, focus and creativity, people and understanding to achieve breakthroughs and contribute to lasting impact at scale. 

This is not business as usual.  To be part of this innovation story requires particular capabilities and new types of collaborations and partnership.  Impact Strategist are pioneers with a clear focus on creating change for the long haul.  We know you can’t force change, but you can accelerate progress.  We combine clear vision and insight unique experience, networks and track record to achieve different results.

We are global leaders and influencers passionate about creating a better future.  We think big.  We are highly adaptive and creative catalysts, expertly navigating complexity and ambiguity to forge new paths and build new markets.  We have clear vision and are rigorous and nimble in execution.  We collaborate deeply, learn fast along the way and love sharing the excitement of an emerging area and of exploring and evolving new ways of seeing, understanding and solving problems.

We have direct senior experience in policy, business, philanthropy, community and finance.  We know the models and frameworks.  We know our way around the evidence base, and networks and we know their limitations.  We think in terms of problem-solving outcomes and strategies that create value drawing on all of these and tailored for the circumstances.  We value excellence, integrity, relationships and impact.  We deliver breakthroughs and impact.

As the social innovation landscape continues to mature and evolve, we continue to enable foundations, governments and policy makers, business and leading community organisations and other leaders to identify and convert new opportunities, build work through siloed practices and systems, accelerate and embrace emerging possibilities to create impact for a better, more equitable, just and effective future in the lives of people and communities.

  • Responsive to longer term global trends
  • Applying fresh thinking & problem solving
  • Focus on value and outcomes
  • Network development
  • Make sense of evidence & systems
  • Strategic rigor and excellence
  • Entrepreneurial & identify opportunity
  • Develop potential & capability
  • Build coalitions with the requisite skills
  • Provide signals for credibility and relevance
  • Hold strategic vision
  • Create safe spaces for change to occur
  • Demonstrate potential of different ways of working
  • Open source thought leadership & learning

Behind each of these promising cases of social innovation there are groups of people who have been able to imagine, develop and manage them… They have some fundamental traits in common: they are all groups of people who co-operatively invent, enhance and manage innovative solutions for new ways of living. And they do so recombining what already exists, without waiting for a general change in the system (in the economy, in the institutions, in the large infrastructures).”

Design strategist, Ezio Manzini ‘Design for social innovation: An interview with Ezio Manzini’, www.shareable.net, 26 July, 2011