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We are passionate about sharing our ideas and what we’ve learned to inspire others and enable them to look differently at the world and the opportunities they have to shape it. Sharing ideas about solutions to problems affecting society changes mindsets, inspires a sense of possibility and produces better answers, faster.

Rosemary provides inspiration and changes mindsets through thought leadership, opinion, interviews and speaking engagements that bring a different conception of what’s possible and open up the world of social innovation and investment and the change it is enabling to new audiences.  She brings a unique perspective on the global challenges, the trends and possibilities and how a new wave of innovation, entrepreneurship and the (impact) investment to support it is opening more opportunities and putting more power and choices in all of our hands to influence change.  Rosemary dares audiences to imagine that we can use our best talents and resources to shape a better world, doing good and doing well.

We are open source wherever possible and have vast knowledge and insights to share.

Rosemary has amassed a substantial body of thought leadership, is regular speaker in international forums and media contributor through podcasts, blogs and opinion pieces.

Here you can find talks, reports, podcasts and other resources published by Rosemary and associates who work with the Impact Strategist team.

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