Colorful city of Guanajuato, Mexico

Social Innovation & Investment Policy Toolbox

Governments everywhere are struggling to meet the challenge of rising citizen demands for better services while also cutting spending.  At the same time, many social and economic issues continue to defy resolution and there is a real need to boost productivity across all sectors. Changing community expectations of government highlight a need for reform and innovation.

Respond to the 21st Century challenges and opportunities requires more effective, efficient, just and scalable solutions, that utilise an expanded toolbox to promote collaboration, prevention, innovation, and resilience.  These tools break from the orthodoxy of siloed thinking and action to make new approaches to problem-solving possible.

Rosemary led the social innovation team in developing the theory, practice and tools for useful and actionable social innovation and impact investment approaches from within government.  This cast the role of the team not about changing government and more about having a unique position in government from which to make and influence change.

Social Innovation in Government Case Studies

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Place-Based Impact Investment

Children’s Ground

Colorful city of Guanajuato, Mexico

Social Innovation & Investment Policy Toolbox


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Social Enterprise Development & Investment Funds

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Social Innovation in Government


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