Social Enterprise Development & Investment Funds

Social Enterprise Development & Investment Funds were an Australian first.  The initiative established three new investment funds to provide appropriate finance to social enterprises t and enable them to increase their reach and impact.  The initiative demonstrated that Government funding could play a catalytic role in social policy by unlocking private capital for public good.

Grant funding of $20 million was leveraged by more than 1:1 by other investors in three new funds to create a total investment pool of more than $40 million.  The funds managed by Social Enterprise Finance Australia, Foresters Community Finance and Social Ventures Australia have been operating in the Australian market for 4 years providing tailored financial products, primarily loans, to social enterprises to help them purchase premises and equipment, develop new services, or expand existing services for the benefit of their communities.

Rosemary led the policy design, process to ensure value was achieved for public funds and negotiated the terms of the cornerstone Government contribution to establish the three funds.  This initiative was the subject of a case study by the Australian Public Service Commission to showcase innovative policy with a focus on cross-sector collaboration and outcomes.

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Social Enterprise Development & Investment Funds

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