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The flagship breakthrough action identified in Delivering on Impact was a unique, independent financial institution with a mission and mandate focused on driving development of the market for impact investment towards scale for the benefit of Australian communities.

In her capacity as Chair of working group of cross-sector leaders charged with scoping, designing and delivering that  initiative, Rosemary Addis led development of the model for such an institution.,  The first public output of that is a Blueprint for Impact Capital Australia, a uniquely Australian independent market builder that could bring more resources to address the pressure points faced by Australian governments and society and achieve a significant breakthrough in how impact and social purpose can be delivered and why the opportunity to act is now

The Blueprint sets out a vision for what Impact Capital Australia would be and do, and how it could operate to develop the market for impact at scale in the Australian context.  It is an invitation to Australian leaders from across government, the community sector and major financial institutions to join with those already involved in this process to bring the vision and intention behind ICA to reality.

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