The IMPACT-Australia initiative provided a foundation for understanding impact investing in the Australian context: what it is, why it matters, what is happening here and what could or should happen.  The report produced: IMPACT-Australia: investment for social and economic benefit was informed by and engagement process with practitioners and stakeholders over 6 months to bring together insights and experience about the challenges and opportunities of this field.  Rosemary’s team convened stakeholders from different areas with a focus on targeted strategies and actions to address the challenges ahead.  The synthesis of their input informed those considerations and enlivened a vision for the future.

Rosemary initiated, shaped and led the process including developing a collaboration with Jed Emerson of Blended Value and JB Were.  She conceived of and enlisted senior leaders in an Advisory Board to being perspectives from different parts of the system to bear on the process and the issues.  Rosemary was also lead author on the report.  Realising the potential for impact investing is not a given, the process was designed to encourage the leadership, collective action and development of practice required to meet the strategic challenges ahead in developing impact investing as a force to tackle social issues.  The process concluded with a series of events with Jed Emerson bringing together different stakeholders with a call to action.

Social Innovation in Government Case Studies

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Place-Based Impact Investment

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Social Innovation & Investment Policy Toolbox


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Social Enterprise Development & Investment Funds

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