Global Leadership and Trusted Adviser

Impact Strategist are global leaders and influencers passionate about creating a better future.  Our track record has established us as trusted advisers to governments, foundations, business, finance & community leaders.  We have led a range on initiatives exploring and evolving new ways of seeing, understanding and solving problems such as tackling global road safety, and designed specialist strategies for clients including the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and National Australia Bank.

Impact Strategist specialises in helping you make sense of key trends and issues globally and apply them to local contexts. We specialize in synthesising the evidence, literature and practice globally so it makes sense for a broader audience. There are few people who have worked across all sectors and different disciplines.  There are fewer still who can facilitate collaboration across the language, politics, cultures and dynamics to facilitate effective collaboration and help others cross those boundaries to achieve a different result.  Impact Strategist are global leaders in these crucial skills for creating what happens next in Australia, the region and around the world.

Executive Director, Rosemary Addis, contributes to a range of initiatives as a senior and specialist adviser.  She leads Australia’s involvement in the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group as a member of the Executive Committee.   Rosemary represented the Australian impact investment sector on the Social Impact Investment Taskforce established under the UK Presidency of the G8 as work she led from the Australian Government led to Australia being invited to contribute to that initiative. Rosemary was also invited to lead strategy for the pilot stage of the Global Learning Exchange, a collaboration involving the UK Cabinet Office, Impact Investing Policy Collaborative and the World Economic Forum.

Global Leadership and Trusted Adviser Case Studies

Social Impact Investment Task Force

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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia)

Global Learning Exchange

Breaking the Deadlock

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