Delivering on Impact: the Australian Advisory Board Strategy to Catalyse Impact Investment

Delivering on Impact: the Australian Advisory Board Strategy to Catalyse Impact Investment

Delivering on Impact is the Australian Advisory Board strategy to catalyse impact investment in and from Australia.  In her capacity as Chair of the Australian Advisory Board and of Impact Investing Australia, Rosemary Addis led the strategy development.

The strategy was developed through extensive consultation with a wide range of practitioners in the Australian and international markets. That built on previous inquiries, including those conducted by the Productivity Commission (2010), Senate Economics Committee (2011), and a sector consultation process conducted in late 2012 to early 2013 for the IMPACT-Australia report (2013). And was informed by a growing body of local and international literature and thought leadership, including important and valuable contributions from a number of Australian contributors.

The stakeholder consultation process built on, updated, and refreshed, the key outcomes and insights described in those previous initiatives, in order to further explore:  The current ecosystem of the Australian impact investing marketplace; and. The first priority, highest-value actions for developing that marketplace, as seen by those in the market.

The Australian Strategy combines aspirational goals with practical action. It is and will be, by necessity and design, dynamic, responsive to opportunity, and capable of evolving over time as actions are delivered and tested in the market. This will not be a silver bullet and is not an attempt to tackle everything that could be done for the Australian market.

The focus is on clear breakthrough goals that people and organisations from wherever they are in the market can get behind with the intention to:

  • Deliver a step change for industry and market development;
  • Demonstrate leadership in social and financial innovation that delivers better social outcomes and is financially rigorous and sustainable;
  • Provide a truly catalytic platform with immediate influence;
  • Accelerate development of the market for impact investment in and from Australia;
  • Drive more people to participate and participate more effectively; and
  • Facilitate development of key elements of market infrastructure.
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