Chair, Board of Advisors Sweef Capital Pte Ltd

Chair, Board of Advisors Sweef Capital Pte Ltd

Rosemary Chairs the Board of Advisors and is a member of the Investment Committee for Sweef Capital Pte Ltd (‘Sweef Capital’).

Headquartered in Singapore, Sweef Capital is a women-led investment management firm that fosters diverse and inclusive economy through its women’s economic empowerment and gender equality programmes and delivers social, economic and financial returns.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to Sweef Capital’s approach to driving value creation by unlocking potential of women and other under-served groups in society, as entrepreneurs, as employees, as leaders, as consumers, and as decision-makers. The firm connects capital with aspirational businesses that meet the needs of the community and grow opportunities for women, men and their families.

Its first flagship fund, Southeast Asia Women’s Economic Empowerment Fund (“SWEEF”), is a US$100m growth fund making equity and quasi-equity investments in businesses based in Southeast Asia that meet the requisite financial and impact criteria.

Sweef Capital’s impact thesis is that high growth impact opportunities in sectors such as healthcare, education, food products and services, business services and climate resilience will contribute positive impacts in key areas of unmet need for access to goods and services for women and girls and improve livelihoods of women, men, their families, and communities by tackling economic empowerment challenges facing women in Southeast Asia.

Sweef Capital’s impact management approach is designed to optimise alignment between achieving strong financial returns and significant measurable impact. Sweef Capital pursues investments where impact is inherent in the business model of the portfolio companies, individually and across its funds’ portfolios. That is, as the business scales, impact increases in parallel and initiating a multiplier effect in the process. This integrated approach enables Sweef Capital to set ambitious and realistic goals for investment returns and net positive impact at a portfolio level and with individual investee companies.